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Loving your laminate, no matter what

If you are in need of new flooring, laminate could be just the material to meet your needs. It offers a beautiful range of appearance options, wonderful stability and durability, and it functions in every single space in your home. You’ll also get a good lifespan, with plenty of years to enjoy the benefits you’ll get, and it’s just as easy to install as it is to keep clean and well maintained. There’s hardly a space that wouldn’t be served by this flooring and that’s why we recommend it to all homeowners who aren’t sure exactly what they want and need.

Rock Bottom Carpets takes great pride in our 23 years of flooring experience, as well as the wide range of materials and services we offer in order to meet all your needs. Our associates are always willing to assist you in finding the perfect material for your needs, and they are trained to make that match as perfect as possible. We proudly serve the areas of Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Athens, Guntersville, and Harvest, all from our showrooms located in Madison, Decatur, and Huntsville, AL. Stop by either of those locations today to get started towards the new flooring of your dreams.

What to do with laminate

Laminate flooring began its career as a strictly wood-look flooring in the early nineties. Now it has evolved and taken on new looks as well as having new benefits that make it a perfect floor covering for your home or business. It can mimic not only solid hardwood flooring but also ceramic & porcelain tile and a variety of natural stone. You’ll love the way it blends in with nearly any possible decor scheme, looking incredible in every room. Bring in the same kinds of elegance that wood, stone, and tile bring, but with many benefits that make it perfect for the busy homeowner and family.

Laminate is solid, sturdy, and can even be placed over imperfect areas of subfloor. It creates a brand new surface that is more stable and much easier to walk on. With the right underlayment, it even has a bit of resilience, making standing and walking a more relaxing experience, especially in the kitchen where meals are prepared. That same underlayment can also help reduce noise and even act as a bit of insulation, keeping your floors warmer to the touch than without it.

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